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October 2023 Newsletter 

Hope you had a great summer. Before you know it winter is right around the corner. Now it’s time to start planning for the upcoming season and if the weather cooperates we will be sledding before the end of the year. With the beautiful weather we are having it’s a great time to start looking at our sleds and prepping them for the season.

We offer this class on 

Last Season 2022-2023 miles riden:

1. Scott Viesta (1785)​​

2. Evan Viesta  (1769)​

3. John Vion  (1699)

4. Debbie Vion(1523)​

5. Sara Viesta(1420)​​

6. Jamie Viesta (1127)​​

7.  Billy Weller (1006)​​

8. Jon Hansen (775)​

9. JD Vion (669)

10. Lauren Vion (550)


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